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Welcome to the fantastic universe of Fitness Travel by Stronger 1994 sagl, the travel agency that will make you feel fit, entertained and full of energy!


We are dedicated to creating experiences that combine the best of fitness and travel for extraordinary adventures that will be etched in your memory.


Imagine waking up in the morning with the sun rising and theenthusiasm that pervades you, because you know the day will be full of exciting adventures.


We have a bold vision: to bring the fitness on the go and make sure that every stage of your journey is an opportunity to have fun, challenge yourself and discover the world in an active way.

Whether you are a fan ofsnorkeling, a lover ofraceor you simply want to keep fit during your holiday, we have the perfect package for you.


Imagine practicing fitness on the beach, hiking in the dunes or trying new water sports, all surrounded by breathtaking scenery and a team of expert instructors ready to make you sweat and smile.

On our fitness trips, you can enjoy healthy and nutritious culinary delights, unwind in rejuvenating spas and mingle with other travelers who share your passion for one active lifestyle.


It's an opportunity to make new friends, share laughs, and inspire each other to reach their fullest potential.


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Our mission is to make the funny fitness And accessible to all, creating an inclusive and welcoming environment.


It doesn't matter if you're just starting your fitness journey or are already an expert, you'll find the support and inspiration you need to reach your goals.

So, ready for a new one adventure?


Join us on a journey that will make you feel alive, will make you smile and will give you that extra push to push your limits.


With us, fun, fitness and Relax they are guaranteed.


Prepare them gym shoes, the bathing suit and a big smile, because your fitness adventure is about to begin!

Co & Founder


“Ho avuto la fortuna di viaggiare con l'agenzia Stronger 1994 Sagl di Lugano Svizzera e devo dire che è stata un'esperienza straordinaria! Siamo stati a Soma Bay Egitto .

Non solo ho avuto l'opportunità di visitare luoghi incredibili, ma ho anche avuto l'opportunità di mantenermi in forma e attivo durante tutto il viaggio.

Gli istruttori erano competenti, appassionati e sempre pronti a motivarci. Le sessioni di bootcamp sulla spiaggia e le escursioni nel deserto sono state le mie attività preferite. Inoltre, l'agenzia ha saputo bilanciare perfettamente il fitness con momenti di relax e divertimento.

È stato fantastico fare nuove amicizie con persone con gli stessi interessi. Consiglio vivamente questa agenzia a tutti coloro che vogliono vivere un'avventura attiva e memorabile!”


Laura G. Milano (IT) 54 anni

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